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Printex (PRTX) Is the first cryptocurrency dedicated to the printing industry. We created an ecosystem to simplify and provide more disclosure about printing transactions while allowing the general public to use a cryptocurrency in the real world. In today’s world, printed objects are used by both individuals and companies for a multitude of purposes. Individuals use our printed objects for novelty fun and special events such as birthdays, sporting events and clothing. Where companies use printed objects for merchandising, branding, and advertising. Companies and individuals alike are always on the lookout for uniqueness, and we have just that. In parallel, blockchain technology is currently being developed and becoming more and more used in everyday society and transactions. That ‘s why we wanted to merge these two domains on our platform in order to allow people to design their own products with an functionnal platform secured by blockchain technologie.
Total MasterNode : 968
MasterNode Stable : 968
Obfuscation compatible MasterNode : 968
MasterNode Enabled : 968
MasterNode in queue : 939
IP V4 : 960
IP V6 : 8
Onion : 0
Version Core : Printex Core:1.0.0
Port MasterNode : 9797
Algorithm: Quark
Minimum Stake age: 60 block
Coin maturity: 20 block
GENESIS BLOCK Create on 16/07/2018 at 03:57:52, 308d 18h 18m 42s.
Block created since 08/03/19 22:59:09 = 0
Max Supply = 55,340,594 [PRTX]
4,300,000 [PRTX] : 7.77 %
[PRTX] Already created
24,401,000 [PRTX] : 44.09 %
[PRTX] Lock in MasterNode
9,680,000 [PRTX] : 39.67 %
[PRTX] In circulation
14,721,000 [PRTX] : 60.33 %
Total MasterNodes Reward per Day
0.00 [PRTX] : 0.00 %
Completely created blockchain in approximately ~INF Days ~INF Years - Bytes Recv: 1.46 G Bytes Sent: 1.86 G

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